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A New Skin Gel Reverses Loss of Skin Collagen

NEEL Gel in 3 months increased collagen by 51% in the top 25% of human clinical trial volunteers.

The results of IRB-approved human clinical trial of NEEL Gel: 51% increase in collagen in the top quartile of participants.

This product is nothing short of a miracle substance.”

— NEEL Gel Customer

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 31, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — From the twenties begins loss of a most precious protein: collagen. This is also the highest protein in humans. 30% of the body is collagen but for skin it’s even more valuable: 70% of our skin is collagen. Everyday from the twenties it begins to shrink. Aging robs collagen. It’s gradual so it is noticed it only when it’s too late. Consequences are thinner skin that begins to wrinkle initially around the corner of the eyes, corners of our mouth and forehead but later in older age it gets worse as it begins to appear all over. It would be miracle to see scientific evidence of such a loss being reversed. Unfortunately there are a thousand products with no real evidence and a lot of fake photoshopped before and after photos that give false hope or at most temporarily plump up skin . To believe there should be scientific evidence coming from a reputable source. It’s important to seek out such evidence as the stakes are so high. A real evidenced backed product that can reverse loss of collagen could change lives.

There is a new product called NEEL Skin Rejuvenating Gel (it is available at neelgel.com and amazon.com), which is backed by an Institutional Review Board (IRB)-approved human clinical trial, this product has demonstrated its prowess under the guidance of Professor Dr. Wayne Carey, a distinguished figure in Dermatology at the Royal Victoria Hospital, McGill University.

In the first phase of the human clinical trial 21 women between the age of 45 and 55 had an average 28% increase in collagen as calculated on high resolution ultrasound scans taken on day zero and after 3 months daily use. The top quartile of the trial participants saw a notable 51% increase in collagen levels. Such clinical trial results are unprecedented.

Testimonials from actual users is more valuable insight then any advertisement. This emotional review appears on Amazon from a verified purchaser:
“I am absolutely amazed by NEEL. This product is nothing short of a miracle substance. As a 72-year-old, I have been using NEEL twice daily on my face, and the results have been astonishing. Within just 3-4 months, I noticed a significant reduction in fine wrinkles, and after a year of consistent usage, the results were outstanding. The wrinkles around my eyes completely disappeared, and the puffiness has also subsided significantly… What surprised me even more is that before using NEEL, I had a “Turkey Neck” (excess skin) hanging under my chin. After a year of applying NEEL, approximately 70-80% of the excess skin vanished! This was beyond my expectations. Initially, I had hoped to simply minimize wrinkles and achieve smoother skin… All in all, I cannot stress enough how amazing NEEL is. However, it’s important to have patience in order to experience the remarkable benefits of skin rejuvenation.” – by Zisos reviewed in United States on June 12, 2023.

There have been many products that did not live up to their promises. Some of the reasons that support this result: One of the primary reasons is a tripeptide called Ghk-Cu. This endogenous tripeptide has very powerful properties which are enumerated in a research paper titled Regenerative and Protective Actions of Ghk-Cu in Light of the New Gene Data. The gene data it is analyzing is from a study at Broad Institute (of Harvard and MIT University) that showed that Ghk-Cu was able to reset 1/3rd of human genes to a younger expression. That would make it one of the most powerful peptides in human body. But there are other products with this peptide so it is worth examining the reasons that are behind NEEL Gel’s human clinical trial results. It is made by longevity scientists and not by cosmetic formulators. Apparently they researched for 3 years to ensure it’s stability during production, storage, during permeation into the skin and it’s activity in skin cells and it’s surrounding extracellular matrix. Some peptides can easily be degraded through exposure to air for example. Neel is sold in an air tight container unlike other products sold in a jar or regular fancy bottles.

Reversing loss of collagen is equivalent to reversing the skin’s biological age so what’s the catch? Well it doesn’t work overnight. It needs regular application for many months to see its benefits. The more advanced the skin age the longer it takes to reverse the damage. It also is not fragrance free-it has a mild fragrance under 1% that is derived from Shea butter. So that would rule it out for people who can only use fragrance free products. It is also a thick gel and not a smooth lotion or cream. It needs to be massaged till it is fully absorbed by the skin. It can not be used with any other product so can not apply make up on top of it. Also it doesn’t replace a moisturizer. It needs application of generous quantity to see the results but fortunately it is not very expensive. For all its challenges and adjustments is it worth it? One can only find out after trying for atleast 3 months as per the protocol in the trial. Many people would go to great lengths to look younger, in that light it is not so difficult to adopt these peculiarities as part of a daily skin care routine. Science of peptides is taking exciting strides gifting a secret weapon to retain beautiful skin.

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