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Accessible Mental Health Support Gains a Win in Southwest Manitoba

John Jackson, President & CEO

Registered Psychiatric Nurse led Counselling Clinic to Offer New, Accessible Services in Brandon

Affordability is crucial for Manitobans who may otherwise forgo seeking help. Our unique approach to private counselling services ensures emotional support is within reach for all Manitobans”

— John Jackson, RPN

BRANDON, MANITOBA, CANADA, October 26, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In response to the critical need for innovative and accessible mental health support in Manitoba, Divergent Counselling announces its grand opening in Brandon. Under the guidance of John Jackson, a highly experienced registered psychiatric nurse and a Ph.D. in nursing student at the University of Manitoba, Divergent Counselling brings a fresh and unique approach to counselling and therapy services. “My intention in founding Divergent Counselling is to do something different with mental health care”, says Jackson. “By offering affordable, accessible, and effective mental health services, we envision we can make a difference in the lives of people who choose us, quickly”.

Addressing Manitoba’s Mental Health Challenges

In recent years, the cost of private counselling and therapy services in Manitoba has skyrocketed, placing significant barriers in the path of individuals and families seeking essential support. Since the pandemic there has been a surge of private counsellors offering services in Southwest Manitoba, attracted by the high rates of hourly compensation that clients are willing to pay. Divergent Counselling is committed to addressing this issue head-on, recognizing that accessible mental health support is a fundamental need. At the heart of Divergent Counselling’s commitment is a groundbreaking reduced fee structure, allowing clients to access quality counselling services at rates aligned with their financial means.

“Not every life challenge necessitates an expensive therapy session at $100, $150, or even $200 per hour” says Jackson. Many clients require basic emotional support or even seek traditional or peer led options. Affordability is crucial for Manitobans who may otherwise forgo seeking help. Our unique approach to private counselling services ensures emotional support is within reach for all Manitobans”. Divergent Counselling has an interdisciplinary team of professionals including registered psychiatric nurses, registered social workers, peer support workers, counsellors and a clinical psychologist to support a wide variety of clientele. “Registered professionals such as psychiatric nurses, social workers, and clinical psychologists are at the heart of our mental health system in Manitoba”, says Jackson. “We believe that a clinic that is based on evidence, accessibility and person-centered-ness is a win-win for Brandon”.

Introducing Peer Support Workers – A Manitoba First

Setting a precedent in the Manitoba counselling landscape, Divergent Counselling introduces a pioneering approach by welcoming peer support workers into the private counselling sphere. These individuals are vital to the clinic’s holistic and inclusive model, offering a unique perspective and shared experiences that foster a warm and empathetic client-helper relationship.

“Our peer support workers have walked similar paths to our clients, bringing an unparalleled depth of understanding and empathy” explains Jackson. “This approach can be especially advantageous for clients who value the comfort of speaking with someone who has faced similar life challenges. Whether it’s navigating mental health concerns, addiction recovery, or major life transitions, the bond of shared experiences cultivates a safe and supportive environment that encourages open dialogues”. The goal of Divergent Counselling is to ensure clients feel genuinely heard, validated, and empowered to take steps toward their own growth and healing.

Leadership Under John Jackson

Divergent Counselling is led by John Jackson. As a registered psychiatric nurse and Ph.D. in nursing student at the University of Manitoba, Jackson possesses a deep understanding of the mental health landscape. He is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a gold-standard therapy method recognized for its effectiveness in trauma treatment. Notably, Jackson is also a registered psychiatric nurse in the province of Saskatchewan, underlining his dedication to improving mental health across provinces.

Seamless Access to Quality counselling

Recognizing the urgency of mental health support, Divergent Counselling offers an online booking system with immediate session availability. Clients can schedule appointments without the need for extended waiting times, ensuring that support is accessible exactly when it’s needed most. The user-friendly interface streamlines the booking process, making it quick and convenient.

A Beacon of Hope for Southwest Manitobans

The grand opening of Divergent Counselling represents a beacon of hope for Manitobans struggling with financial constraints that have hindered their access to vital mental health support. The introduction of peer support workers, under the expert guidance of John Jackson, further distinguishes this clinic. With its innovative sliding scale fees, groundbreaking approaches, and immediate availability, Divergent Counselling is poised to make a significant impact on the mental health landscape in Brandon and throughout Manitoba as the clinics expand.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/664331905/accessible-mental-health-support-gains-a-win-in-southwest-manitoba

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