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CreataChain Is Leading the Charge in A New Era of Innovation!

CreataChain Is Leading the Charge in A New Era of Innovation!

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, February 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Creata Chain, a groundbreaking blockchain ecosystem, functioning on the core fundamentals of scalability, interoperability, and security, stands as a testament to ongoing innovation in the blockchain landscape.

The dynamic and robust ecosystem encompassing numerous blockchain solutions has achieved a major milestone with the introduction of the dual chain ecosystem. The launch of Zenith and Catena Chains along with the ICP relayer, Lunar Link marks a significant leap forward for the ecosystem.

Zenith Chain has long been operating on the Creata Chain’s mainnet and has spread its roots wide in the blockchain ecosystem as a versatile non-CVM Blockchain.

Catena Chain marks the beginning of a new era with its CVM-supported ecosystem. The transformational potential of the novel blockchain solution can be estimated through the plethora of features and advancements it brings, symbolizing a significant shift in the decentralized landscape.

The momentous development is accompanied by the Lunar Link. It is an ICP relayer that acts as a bridge between the Zenith and Catena chains to promote interoperability and facilitate the smooth exchange of digital assets.

Catena Chain is a game-changer in the realm of blockchain technology. A complete package encapsulating robust security, unrivaled scalability, and enhanced capabilities, it is positioned to redefine the norm in the blockchain ecosystem.

Its standout feature is built-in support for CIP-721, a token standard for the creation and exchange of Non-Fungible Tokens. This integration enables effortless creation, management, and transfer of NFTs, showcasing CreataChain’s unwavering dedication to interoperability and adherence to standards. The Catena chain is governed by CIP-20 (Creata’s Improvement Proposal), which is more potent, versatile, and scalable than ERC in EVM.

Catena has launched its Software Development Kit (SDK), which provides a wide range of tools for creating decentralized apps. This makes it easier for both novice and experienced developers to create cutting-edge applications. By streamlining the development process, Catena is poised to skillfully occupy the leading position in the blockchain ecosystem.

The Lunar Link is a highly capable ICP relayer on the mainnet that confidently facilitates the transfer of resources and value between the Zenith and Catena chains. It serves as a vital link between the two networks, enabling seamless transfer of Creata Chain’s native token, CTA, between them. This versatile bridge not only promotes interaction but also generates synergy between the two chains, significantly enhancing liquidity.

“The launch of Catena’s mainnet and the development of the Lunar Link signify an iconic moment for the whole blockchain ecosystem,” said Jennifer Jin Kim, CEO of Creata Chain.

Catena’s novel advancements, in tandem with Lunar Link’s ability to facilitate interoperability, are capable of initiating a digital transformation and creating new opportunities for blockchain-based solutions and decentralized apps.

For more information, visit https://creatachain.com.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/685618013/creatachain-is-leading-the-charge-in-a-new-era-of-innovation

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