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Fieldman Introduces Next-Gen Data Portal with AI for Utility Field Service Projects

The interactive data portal will help stakeholders & project managers make better decisions based on real-time field project data analysis and visualized trends

SAWYER, MI, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fieldman, an Asset &Work management platform that is built for utilities and local governments to manage fieldwork and infrastructure assets, today launched a new interactive data portal powered by AI. The new portal will enable utilities to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The interactive data portal will help stakeholders and project managers make better decisions based on real-time field project data analysis, project needs predictions, and visualized trends. The AI forecasting tools can be used to predict project completion times, identify potential bottlenecks, and develop contingency plans.

“Project managers have long been operating, planning, and executing utility projects, and they have a long history of upgrading American infrastructure. However, the majority of projects fail to meet deadlines due to multiple factors, such as field worker performance, bad weather conditions, and supply chain disruptions. By the time managers identify the key factors that are causing a project to fall behind, it is often too late. Data portal’s AI forecasting tools can predict project completion speed, and visual data analytics can help stakeholders see the big picture and leverage operational efficiency,” says Fieldman CEO Vlad Kravchenko.

For utilities with connected smart devices, thousands of field installations, or check visits, it is crucial to understand field project status and identify opportunities to improve operations. AI can process data and generate insights in a simple interactive platform that any leader can access and understand.

Technicians collect data using the Fieldman field service app, which pushes all information about workers’ performance, number of completed jobs, assets condition, and more to the data portal. The Fieldman app works offline, so there is no data loss in areas without internet.

Data is an essential piece of utilizing technology for business evolution. According to the latest PwC Pulse Survey, CIOs recognize the pivotal role of a strong, modern data platform as the cornerstone for progress. A notable 47% of CIOs highlight data transformation as their primary focus, outpacing other front-office categories, including customer relationship management, marketing, and customer support systems.

Fieldman continues to upgrade its Asset & Work management platform, building a strong connection between the office and the field and empowering it with AI. Utilizing AI in an interactive data portal is the first phase of using AI at Fieldman.

About Fieldman

Fieldman is an American software company that helps local governments and utility vendors to manage all types of assets, jobs, and field projects. It offers Asset & Work Management platform – an efficient, customizable, and intuitive SaaS solution that allows organizations to be more collaborative and provide the best service for American citizens.


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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/664328815/fieldman-introduces-next-gen-data-portal-with-ai-for-utility-field-service-projects

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