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GenomOncology’s Data Solution IgniteIQ to Advance Natural Language Processing Pipeline for National Cancer Center

CLEVELAND, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GenomOncology announced today that City of Hope, one of the largest cancer research and treatment organizations in the United States, will advance City of Hope’s natural language processing (NLP) pipeline using HopeIQ, a City of Hope data enablement solution powered by GenomOncology’s igniteIQ.

Over the last few years, City of Hope has made significant strides in enhancing patient care through their dedicated focus on precision medicine. In an effort to further develop these initiatives, City of Hope created POSEIDON (Precision Oncology Software Environment Interoperable Data Ontologies Network), an award-winning, enterprise-wide data lake platform and precision medicine program intended to provide patient-specific insights and recommendations based on real-world data and evidence.

To support the broader integration of this real-world data into POSEIDON, GenomOncology provided its HopeIQ augmented NLP data curation solution alongside expert data abstraction services. The state-of-the-art technology utilizes the expert-in-loop model, biomarker normalization, and structure detection to streamline natural language processing, as well as ensure accuracy for data analysis. To date, over 14,000 patient reports and unstructured disease-based evidence, including breast carcinoma and leukemia pathology reports, as well as clinicians’ notes, have been structured with over 95% accuracy, optimizing data integration and utilization within POSEIDON.

GenomOncology offers a range of precision medicine solutions and services. Their focused and automated data enablement solution, igniteIQ, simplifies the extraction of medical information from various documents and images, while ensuring the privacy and security of patient data as per legal standards.

“With HopeIQ and our data curation services, City of Hope was able to progress data extraction, curation, and structuring, simplifying the integration of real-world data into their POSEIDON platform for improved patient treatment research and opportunities,” said Ian Maurer, Chief Technology Officer, GenomOncology.

“City of Hope’s Center for Precision Medicine is dedicated to leading the advancement of precision oncology research and treatment,” said Samir Courdy, Senior VP, Informatics, City of Hope. “Our precision medicine approach is distinguished by the infrastructure we are building, which translates big data gathered from patients’ clinico-genomic data into actionable information for research and to support clinical decision-making. We are committed to delivering genomic information to people currently living with cancer and their family members who are also genetically at risk.”

GenomOncology is a software company that provides the healthcare community with data-driven insights to improve cancer care. GenomOncology strengthens precision oncology programs by transforming valuable, but unusable data, into actionable oncology treatment options and strategic insights. GenomOncology’s Precision Oncology Platform (POP) powers its comprehensive set of end-to-end software solutions that enhance decision support. POP combines both proprietary content and public and licensed data sets with your internal patient data to provide you the information necessary to improve patient outcomes. Learn more at www.genomoncology.com.

Alysia Kaplan, Director of Marketing
GenomOncology, LLC
(440) 617-6087

SOURCE GenomOncology

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/genomoncologys-data-solution-igniteiq-to-advance-natural-language-processing-pipeline-for-national-cancer-center-301999295.html
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