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HraiGamble Group has researched and compared salaries in the US and European gambling industries

LONDON, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The thriving online gambling sector has become a powerful driver of employment growth, ushering in a wave of new opportunities. The rapid expansion of online gambling platforms has sparked a transformation, resulting in the emergence of a wide range of roles including technical positions, content creation, marketing and customer service.

A specialized company, HraiGamble Group, has conducted a comprehensive analysis of salary trends within the gambling industry, with a particular focus on two major markets: the United States and Europe.

The data presented in this article are derived from a variety of sources, including official government salary records, salary surveys from salary.com, and job postings that include salary information such as indeed.com, as well as comments from industry representatives.

Earnings in the American gambling market

In 2022, the United States set a record for gambling, with national casinos and mobile gaming apps generating a record $54.93 billion in revenue.

The growing popularity of gambling facilities is driving demand for jobs in the industry. The U.S. BUREAU OF LABOUR STATISTICS predicts that approximately 19,400 annual job openings are expected over the next decade. The popularization of online gambling has increased the number of remote jobs by 30% by 2021.

Projected employment of gaming services personnel varies by occupation and covers a wide range of roles.

In 2022, the average annual salary for those employed in the gaming industry will be $31,290, while offering a stable and potentially lucrative career path, with an average 12.5% increase in industry salaries.

The iGB-Pentasia 2022 Salary Survey shows that salaries in the gaming industry are growing due to the high demand for technical and compliance skills.

Today, the industry offers an average salary of $116,715 for a game developer in the US and an average additional cash compensation of $4,872. The average annual salary of a casino compliance officer in the U.S. is $97,347 per year. 

As of September 2023, some job resources list the average salary of a casino dealer at $49,198 per year and the average salary of a casino manager at $125,608.

Earnings in the European gambling Market

In the UK, game developers can start with a salary of £25,000 per year, and with experience, this figure can quadruple. Currently, the average salary for a game developer in the UK is £55,073.02. For comparison, a casino dealer earns an average of £29,895, which is almost half as much. The competitiveness of salaries in the gambling industry is determined by the average salary in the country, which, according to various sources, ranges from £27,756 to £33,000 per year.

In Germany, casino dealers earn an average of €28,255 per year, or the equivalent of €14 per hour, and receive an average of €2,122 in bonuses.

“As the demand for data analysts, game developers, compliance officers and marketing specialists continues to grow, individuals with relevant skills and expertise are well positioned to thrive in the sector. For example, game developers in Germany earn an average of €62,058 per year, while the average bonus is €2,889. – says Jürgen Meier, a gambling expert at Casinospot.de.

Arthur Lambert, casino expert at Fr-casinospot, said that local gambling companies pay game developers an average of €43,500  per year and an average bonus of €2,545.

Interestingly, the salary of dealers, also known as croupiers, of the same rank in land-based casinos in France varies by gender, with male croupiers earning 6% more than their female counterparts.  The average salary of a croupier is €24,385 per year. The croupier also receives tips, the amount of which depends on the type of games he or she conducts, his or her seniority and rank.  

A casino manager working in Paris typically earns around €63,200 per year, and this can range from the lowest average salary of around €32,900 to the highest average salary of €94,800, while a casino manager in Nice, for example, earns around €51,900 per year for the same job.

Earnings in Malta gambling Market

Since the early 2000s, Malta has gained a reputation as a well-regulated European jurisdiction for gambling, including remote gambling, which attracts numerous operators. So let’s take a closer look at Maltese land-based casino salaries.

According to the 2022 MGA Annual Report, the number of employees working in land-based casinos will increase by 7.5% by 2022. The dynamics of salary growth in the gambling sector since 2019 is estimated at around 15%, with employment experts predicting a further increase of 13% by 2028.

Salaries in the gaming industry in Malta range from €22,000 to €300,000 per year, depending on position, experience and responsibilities.

Gambling dealers earn an average of €20,159 per year. A senior level dealer (8+ years of experience) can earn an average salary of €26,500 per year.

A casino manager working in Malta can expect to earn an average of approximately €41,611 per year, or the equivalent of €20 per hour, and this can range from a low average salary of approximately €29,582 to a high average salary of €51,272. They also receive an average bonus of €1,860.

In Malta, the gender pay gap is similar to that in France, with a male casino manager earning on average 7% more than a female casino shift manager doing the same job.

The average salary increase for a Casino Shift Manager in Malta is approximately 6% every 30 months, while the average national salary increase across all professions and industries in Malta is approximately 4% every 29 months.

In sales and account management, you can earn between €30,000 and €120,000, with the highest salary for a commercial director. 

The tech and product iGaming sector in Malta can earn between €20,000 and €110,000 per year, while marketing roles in Malta are valued between €28,000 and €80,000.

Customer Service provides employees earn salaries ranging from €22,000 – €75,000 per year. A Customer Service Manager can earn an average salary of €35,000 and up, and a VIP Service Manager can earn €40,000 and up per year.

Top positions range from €150,000 to €300,000 per year, including CEO, CFO, CMO, CCO and Chief Legal Officer.

Conclusion: The impact of the thriving online gambling sector on the job market

According to HraiGamble’s experts, salaries in the gambling industry are quite competitive, and the prosperity of the sector, especially online gambling, is creating more and more vacancies in the labor market.

The online gambling sector is not only changing the entertainment landscape, but also shaping the job markets in various regions. It has led to the creation of diverse roles, from technical positions to customer service, and offers a range of salary prospects. Job opportunities abound for those interested in this dynamic and rapidly expanding industry.

The impact of the online gambling market on the labor markets highlights the industry’s need for experts and newcomers, driven by rapid technological advancements. The integration of augmented reality algorithms and artificial intelligence systems into gambling is not only challenging, but essential to its development.

In addition, the differences in salaries across regions demonstrate the industry’s adaptability to local economies and the importance of factors such as location, education and experience in determining compensation levels.

SOURCE Hraigamble.com

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/hraigamble-group-has-researched-and-compared-salaries-in-the-us-and-european-gambling-industries-301939278.html
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