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Lider Electric Enhances Basic Fan Control with Humidity Sensor Switch

Lider Electric Enhances Basic Fan Control with Humidity Sensor Switch

Lider Electric’s Humidity Sensor Switch features a minimalist and user-friendly design.

This is an image of Lider's Humidity Sensor Switch setting dials underneath the cover.

Lider’s Humidity Sensor Switch allows users to personalize and control settings.

This photo shows Lider's Humidity Sensor Switch features.

The switch features adjustable settings that help further convenience for users.

This switch takes basic fan control to the next level by incorporating a sensor within the device to detect changes in moisture.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Lider Electric, a company specializing in elevating basic wiring and lighting controls, is proud to share its latest addition to a rapidly growing catalog of sleek and modern devices: a humidity sensor switch.

This switch takes basic fan control to the next level by incorporating a sensor within the device to detect changes in moisture. When the preprogrammed moisture level is reached, the switch automatically triggers the bathroom fan to turn on to regulate the air quality. This adds an element of automation to an otherwise basic and ubiquitous device, providing additional convenience and increased air quality to customers.

The device features two settings: Humidity Mode and Humidity Plus Air Circulator Mode. In Humidity Mode, the controller will turn the fan on when the selected humidity level is detected. The fan will stay on for the duration preselected on the timer setting. If the time delay expires and the humidity level is still at or above the selected humidity level, the controller will turn the fan on again after a five-minute pause for another duration of the time delay. This repeats until the humidity level drops below the desired setting.

In Humidity Plus Air Circulator Mode, the controller will do exactly what it does in Humidity Mode, but once the humidity drops, then the controller operates as an Air Circulator. The Air Circulator will turn on the fan every hour for the duration of the selected time delay.

There is also a push button that can easily override the automated settings. Furthermore, settings can be easily adjusted to user preferences with the dials hidden underneath the device cover. Users can determine what humidity level (40%-80% range) in the room will trigger the fan. A timer option also allows users to extend how long the fan runs when triggered. The fan can be set to run between 5 to 45-minute intervals. Once the preselected time is up, the fan switches off.

Installation is also simpler since this device does not require a neutral wire. This is ideal for historic homes or homes built before the 70s that may not have modern wiring in place.

Lider Electric understands the importance of maintaining a comfortable and healthy living environment. Fan control and ventilation are crucial to the quality of living, and closed spaces prone to humidity require this facilitation. Proper air circulation helps prevent mold or mildew growth in these humid areas. It also prevents the paint on walls from thinning because the device helps regulate excess moisture.

Along with the technological benefits and durability, the Lider humidity sensor switch boasts a low-profile build that achieves a modern and sleek appearance for any type of interior design. This minimalist style is a staple of Lider products.

This new humidity sensor switch simplifies the air circulation process and ensures it’s done in the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing way possible. This innovation is a testament to Lider’s commitment to combining functionality with style.

The humidity sensor switch is now available through Lider Electric’s website and authorized retailers like Amazon. For more information about this product and other innovative solutions, visit our website.

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