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Marco Soriano IV promotes the entrepreneurial spirit at the Francisco de Vitoria University and Motor & Sport Institute

Soriano thanked the alliance between the three institutions to identify opportunities for practical experiences, with an internship program for the students.

Marco Soriano IV promotes the entrepreneurial spirit at the Francisco de Vitoria University and Motor & Sport Institute”

— Elena Gago

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Marco Antonio Soriano IV promotes the entrepreneurial spirit at the Francisco de Vitoria University and Motor & Sport Institute

The CEO of Soriano Group thanked the alliance between the three institutions to identify opportunities for practical experiences in the company. He Announced an internship program for the students of the Faculty.

The event took place at the University among a diverse audience eager for knowledge. Madrid, April 3, 2024.

This month of April, students and professionals from the business world listened to Marco Antonio Soriano IV, visionary CEO of Soriano Group, who shared his vast experience and knowledge in an inspiring talk on entrepreneurship and growth at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria and the Motor & Sport Institute. The event attracted a diverse audience eager for knowledge. In an exciting session that covered various aspects of the current business landscape, Soriano highlighted the importance of innovation and strategic vision in the electricity market. Among the key points addressed were the exploration of opportunities in non-Western markets, where Soriano urged the audience to expand their horizons beyond traditional markets, identifying the potential for growth and development in emerging regions.

He also highlighted the anticipation of problems and solutions in the field of electromobility. The CEO emphasized the need to take a proactive approach to future challenges, particularly in relation to electric charging infrastructure, noting the importance of anticipation to deliver effective solutions. Furthermore, he highlighted the alliance with the client through acceptance and understanding. Soriano highlighted the relevance of establishing a solid connection with customers, based on acceptance and understanding of their needs, as a fundamental factor for sustainable business success. He shared his personal vision on entrepreneurship, highlighting his diversified experience in creating companies in various sectors, from telecommunications to the development of the Metaverse and artificial intelligence. With a forceful statement, Soriano expressed: “I have created everything.” Implementation of internship programs as a gesture of commitment to the next generation of business leaders, Soriano announced the implementation of internship programs in his company for the Faculty’s students, providing them with an invaluable opportunity to gain practical experience in a dynamic business environment and evolving.

Marco Antonio Soriano IV, Partner & Chief Investment Officer not only provided insightful insight into the challenges and opportunities of today’s business world, but also inspired attendees to embrace innovation, anticipation and collaboration as fundamental pillars for success in the global business landscape. At the end, he thanked all the representatives of the University and the MSi for having the opportunity to strengthen ties with these two very important entities to strengthen their imminent entry into Spain. Soriano IV, is a remarkable individual with a rich family legacy. Let’s delve into his fascinating journey:

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1. Family Legacy:
– His great-grandfather, Fernando Soriano y Gavira, held prestigious positions as a banker, lifelong senator for Salamanca, and co-founder of the iconic Hotel Ritz.
– His grandfather was an esteemed aristocrat, founder of the Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE), and a visionary behind the development of the Costa del Sol.
– Additionally, his grandfather created Soriano, the first motorcycle brand in Spain.

2. Soriano Group Family Office:
– Marco Antonio Soriano IV leads the Soriano Group, a forward-thinking family office that achieved a remarkable 2022 revenue of €2.8 billion.
– Under his guidance, the group has revived the legacy of Soriano Motori Corp, reintroducing it as a premium electric motorcycle brand.

3. Keys to Success:
– Academic Excellence: Marco emphasizes the importance of education. He encourages his children to prioritize their studies.
– Corporate Training: Understanding teamwork and effective corporate practices is crucial. Mismanagement can be detrimental to businesses.
– Street Smart: Marco’s ability to connect with both high society and everyday people contributes to his success.

4. Passion for the Arts:
– Marco is not only a financial expert but also an art enthusiast.
– He creatively combines beauty, art, and motorcycles, coining the term “Art in Motion.”

5. Early Career:
– Marco’s journey began at the World Bank, where he worked alongside influential figures like Eduardo Dorian and Ian Golding.
– Later, he joined Goldman Sachs, specializing in mergers and acquisitions.

6. Recent Endeavors:
– Marco Antonio Soriano IV has announced the revival of the iconic Soriano brand in Spain, focusing on premium electric motorcycles and lifestyle verticals such as electric bicycles, fashion, metaverse, and gaming.

His multifaceted approach, blending finance, art, and innovation, makes Marco Antonio Soriano IV a captivating figure in the business world.

Source: Conversation with Bing, 4/28/2024
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