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Mom in Tech and CEO at ID Quotient on how AI is changing life for Working Mothers

Sarah Baldeo, AI CEO, with her son

Mom in Tech and CEO at ID Quotient Advisory, Sarah Baldeo, shares how AI is bridging the gender gap

The power of Artificial Intelligence lies in augmenting human life. Working Mothers bear a burden of repetitive, time consuming tasks, and AI is giving them back hours to invest in their lives.”

— Sarah Baldeo

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Technology is changing the world in many ways, but perhaps one of the most important ways aligns to the UN Sustainable Development Goal of advancing economic equity for women.

Sarah Baldeo is CEO of ID Quotient Advisory, an AI Consulting firm based in Miami and Toronto. As a 3 time TEDx Speaker, 17 year veteran Keynote Speaker, Sarah is also a Certified Career Coach and specializes in supporting Working Moms to scale their businesses by identifying digital transformation opportunities.

A lone parent for 10 years after her divorce, Sarah founded 5 businesses, juggled climbing the corporate ladder at the likes of Deloitte and CGI, plus an avid acting and writing career (yes you’ve seen her in Autotrader & CandidateX commercials). Her secret to success she says? Fully embracing the power of AI and technology in her personal life – from creating lesson plans during covid and lockdown, to automating reminders for her son and email replies.

Keep reading to learn more about the 5 key areas that AI is transforming today for Working Moms everywhere.

1) Time Allocation: On average working mothers dedicate about 21 hours per week to household chores and childcare, in addition to their professional lives. Compared to working dads? This is DOUBLE the time dads invest. AI virtual assistants, automated grocery delivery, and tools like aggregator apps to incorporate multiple calendars are savings moms HOURS. Sarah uses Calendly, Miro, and Notion to ensure that she prioritizes her tasks.

2) Emotional Labor: Studies show that working mothers bear the majority of emotional labor. From managing family schedules, to remembering important dates, and providing emotional support to family members. Constant mental load leads to increased stress, burnout, and decreased quality of mental health. AI tools that remind family members in an automated manner are a lifesaver. Sarah and her family use Google Home to ensure reminders are vocalized and no one forgets where they need to be!

3) Career Impact: The mental load carried by working mothers often has significant negative implications for their careers. Research has revealed that moms feel pressured to balance work and family, leading to feelings of guilt and self-doubt. Men on average, will apply to a job even if they only fit 60% of the job description, whereas moms are likely to only apply if they fit 100% of the criteria. The gender wage gap continues to be a serious issue resulting in lack of gender diversity on boards AND in senior leadership roles. AI, like ChatGPT, can support moms in creating resumes that highlight their skills, address career gaps and even for research on returning to work.

4) Adverse Health: Working mothers are also called upon to “juggle it all.” Chronic stress comes hand in hand with this role-management and is linked to high risk of anxiety, depression, and stress-related illnesses. AI tools can help mothers outsource tasks – like integrating family calendars, creating more efficiency in the family schedule, allocating chores and tasks, and more! Sarah uses Tidy.ai to help with children’s chore management.

5) Support Systems: Working moms invariably need support – they may turn to partners, flexible work arrangements and childcare assistance! AI tools like Generative AI help working moms work remotely, supporting flexible work arrangements. Sarah encourages her team to Canva or pre-schedulers to ensure they can disconnect from work.

The possibilities of AI are endless, as we constantly hear, but for Working Mothers it is especially impactful in ensuring that Moms aren’t penalized for motherhood. With Mother’s Day being celebrated this weekend, the importance of gender equity is as crucial as ever before. Happy Mother’s Day.

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Sarah Baldeo, TED Speaker, shares her journey to motherhood

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