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Safe House Project Revolutionizes Fight Against Human Trafficking in the United States Through Innovative Programs and Collaborative Partnerships

WASHINGTON, March 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a transformative approach to combating human trafficking in the United States, Safe House Project is revolutionizing the fight against this pervasive crime. By equipping hundreds of thousands of individuals across the nation with the tools to identify and respond to instances of trafficking, the organization is making strides in helping victims escape their traffickers and find freedom. This critical work also addresses the urgent need for safe housing and quality care, key factors in preventing the re-trafficking of survivors.

Statistics show only 1% of trafficking victims are ever identified, and a staggering 80% of those rescued face the risk of being trafficked again if they do not receive the necessary support and services. Safe House Project, serving as the national certifying agency for programs offering residential services to trafficking victims, is pivotal in changing these statistics. Through a rigorous certification process, the organization ensures that survivors are placed in safe homes that provide the highest quality of programming.

Leaders in the anti-trafficking field commend the organization for its innovative strategies in victim identification and support. “Safe House Project isn’t just filling a gap; they’re transforming the landscape of anti-trafficking efforts in America,” says Bill Woolf, Former Acting Director for the Office of Victims of Crime at the Department of Justice.

Building on its success, Safe House Project has expanded its mission with the H.O.P.E. Training initiative, aimed at mobilizing healthcare providers as vital allies in identifying and responding to human trafficking. With over 80,000 healthcare professionals already trained through this program, the organization is significantly increasing the rates at which victims are identified within healthcare settings. This training, which offers Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits, provides healthcare workers with interactive, patient-centered, and trauma-informed modules.

Major healthcare networks like Novant Health, Ohio Health, Atrium Health, and Ascension Health are collaborating with Safe House Project to develop processes for responding to human trafficking effectively. Kristi Wells, CEO of Safe House Project, underscores the critical role of healthcare professionals: “Our H.O.P.E. Training has empowered a vast network of healthcare providers to become crucial allies in identifying and supporting victims of trafficking. The significant increase in survivors being helped each month is tangible proof that education in this field not only saves lives but also empowers survivors on their path to freedom.”

As Safe House Project continues to lead with its bold mission to eradicate child trafficking through unity, compassion, and action, its focus on survivor identification, emergency services, and ensuring access to safe housing and comprehensive care remains paramount.

For more information or to access the H.O.P.E. Training, visit SafeHouseProject.org/training.

About Safe House Project
Safe House Project  (501c3) is a nonprofit combatting domestic sex trafficking by increasing victim identification of trafficked individuals through survivor-informed training, supporting victims in their escape, and increasing the number of restorative care opportunities for child trafficking victims. To learn more about Safe House Project visit www.safehouseproject.org.

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SOURCE Safe House Project

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