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Visionary Aid: International Surgeons Collaborate to Restore Sight at Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center, Israel’s Medical Iron Dome, Restoring Vision & Protecting Futures

Restoring Vision & Protecting Futures: Medical Volunteers from Across the Globe Collaborate to Save Vision Amidst Conflict at Soroka Medical Center in Israel.

BE’ER SHEVA, ISRAEL, May 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Ophthalmology Department and Ophthalmology Clinics at Soroka Medical Center, just 22 miles from Gaza, provide emergency, preventative and corrective Ophthalmology services, including diagnosis, treatment, and surgeries for the population of the Negev. Since the beginning of the war, Soroka has admitted over 2,000 wounded, of which hundreds have suffered from ocular injuries. Some have sustained injuries in both eyes, requiring emergency surgeries to restore their vision to the greatest extent possible. These complex and delicate surgeries help our patients heal the wounds of war, avoid future vision issues and improve their quality of life.

In this challenging period, Dr. Itay Wiser, a prominent plastic surgeon based in New York City and Co-Chair of the AFS Medical and Scientific Advisory Council, partnered with the ILUSDocAid, helping facilitate over 100 volunteer physicians for Israel. He focused in particular on Ophthalmology, as Soroka continues to receive a surge of eye injuries.

Joining the mission were exceptional retinal surgeons from the United States, including Dr. Sid Schechet, M.D. from the Elman Retina Group in Baltimore, Maryland, and Dr. Larry S. Halperin from the Retinal Group of Florida in Boca Raton. Over the past months, these highly-trained specialists dedicated two weeks to a sight-saving mission, operating non-stop to assist their Soroka peers in restoring vision to severely wounded soldiers and community members.

One of the patients treated by Dr. Schechet was a soldier who sustained a bilateral open globe with metallic foreign bodies. Dr. Schechet recalls, “I honestly didn’t know what would happen to him after I repaired his severely damaged eyes earlier in the week. I was scared for when he’d first awaken to hear what happened to his team and to then to open his eyes only to realize he had no vision.” Following many additional procedures, the heroic young man has now recovered his vision.

Despite their remarkable efforts, Soroka Hospital seeks support to expand its Ophthalmology capabilities. Plans include adding an additional Ophthalmology Operating room and acquiring new cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment devices. For more information and to offer support, please visit Soroka.org/Vision.

About AFS and Soroka Medical Center

American Friends of Soroka Medical Center Inc. is a New York State 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. AFS is a community of individuals, families, foundations and businesses dedicated to supporting the vision and lifesaving work of the Soroka Medical Center.

Soroka Medical Center is Israel’s leading healthcare institution providing world-class healthcare for all. Located in Be’er Sheva, it is the sole medical center in the entire Negev, one of the country’s most diverse and fastest-growing areas. Soroka serves over 1.2 million residents, including over 400,000 children, in a region that comprises 60% of Israel’s land. With two medical schools, a proven record of producing groundbreaking research and life-saving treatments and an extraordinary staff, Soroka offers exceptional healthcare for all, regardless of race, religion, or politics. It is home to The Legacy Heritage Oncology Center and Dr. Larry Norton Institute, the Margery Price Breast Health Center, The Vivian and Seymour Milstein Trauma Recovery Center and other notable world-renowned centers of excellence. This unique institution, founded in 1959, exemplifies a deep commitment to outstanding medical care, peaceful coexistence in action and medical research that has a global impact. Soroka.org.

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